A2Z on Global Warming

4.2 ( 5152 ratings )
教育 图书
开发 David Rex Golding

A2Z on Global Warming is a really cool and colorful e-book that’s available only on the iPad. It’s a fun and inspiring way for kids of all ages (including parents) to learn about the serious topic of global climate change. Virtually every page is filled with gorgeous color graphics, original cartoons and high-resolution photographs. When it comes to global warming, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words!

You can read A2Z page by page, from start to finish, or just skim through the pictures: either way you’ll learn a zillion things about climate change! Each color-coded letter of the alphabet covers a major CAUSE, CONSEQUENCE or SOLUTION related to global warming. Want to learn about all the major causes of climate change? Read all the RED colored sections. Consequences are BLUE and solutions are, of course, GREEN!

Version 1.4 is new and improved. Readers can turn the pages with a simple swipe gesture or use the popover menu to jump to any section instantly. And be sure to ZOOM in on all the high-resolution graphics using a pinch-out gesture (and double-tap to zoom out again).

Caution: big download! Please note that this e-book is chock-a-block full of lush color graphics, so it’s a big download (100 Mb) best done via a fast Wi-Fi connection. If you install from a cellular connection you may be asked to download again when connected with Wi-Fi or in iTunes on your sync computer. Thanks for your patience, and have fun saving the planet!